Our Services

<center><h4>Our team is highly skilled and have many years of experience working on all types of commercial and residential buildings. Our commitment to excellence and our integrity as a company leave us unmatched to anybody else in the industry. When you want a reliable firm to design and build, Ben Adam Architect is the place to go. We work tirelessly to perfect your vision and cater to your every need. Our commitment to excellence sets us apart from anybody else. <hr> <h4><center><a href="tel:8302494051">Call us at 830-249-4051</a></center></h4>

<center><h4>As a firm, we enjoy the special challenges posed by our many remodeling projects. The best remodeling projects are a collaboration between a creative, experienced and skilled architect and an informed client. They are built on a shared understanding of the goals and deep agreement about the path to designing our clients vision. Ben Adam specializes in providing a full architectural service from concept to construction. As one of the most reputable firms in Boerne, we have had the privilege of creating many fine unique custom homes, both new and remodels and additions, for our many outstanding clients. Our Designs vary with each client and each site. We take pride in being able to take each individual client’s unique needs and desires and interpret them into fine architectural statements reach them. <hr> <h4><center><a href="tel:8302494051">Call us at 830-249-4051</a></center></h4>

<center><h4>Our team of commercial architects apply artistic, construction and engineering skills to design a variety of commercial buildings and structures. They play an active role in every step of the building process and work with a team of other professionals to complete projects. Part of the process typically begins by consulting with clients to determine factors such as design requirements, project site and budget. After creating the design and building blueprints, commercial architects coordinate the building process, collaborating with other professionals, such as engineers, interior designers, landscape architects and construction contractors. <hr> <h4><center><a href="tel:8302494051">Call us at 830-249-4051</a></center></h4>

<center><h4>We are deeply committed to fulfilling our client’s needs, through or various design plans and quality of work in a timely manner. Our highest level of detail in both the design and construction process makes us a leader among any other architectural company. Our working experience with our clients makes for a lasting relationship over the lifetime of any of our work. With several years of experience, our team provides the best work for the most affordable prices. <hr> <h4><center><a href="tel:8302494051">Call us at 830-249-4051</a></center></h4>

<center><h4>As a firm, we've been honing our skills for more than 11 years. We're undeniably proud of our company’s great reputation and commitment to excellence. We've earned our expertise. Yet, in many ways, we still possess the zeal of an upstart, driven to stretch and push ourselves on every project. Our studio environment combined with our large firm resources fosters collaboration and encourages creative thinking. Our team of architects all have something great to contribute to our firm and together we make dream homes and buildings. <hr> <h4><center><a href="tel:8302494051">Call us at 830-249-4051</a></center></h4>